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Directory of Canadian Universities
This directory informs you about facilities, services and academic programs offered by universities in Canada.

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada - Programs and Services
Comprehensive details of the various scholarship programs administered by this association.

National Association of Career Colleges
An association of private career training institutions from across Canada.

School Finder
Find information on more than 1,700 universities, colleges and career colleges in Canada, including admission requirements, costs, programs and contact details.

CanLearn Interactive
This is a great Web-based resource that provides information, products and services to help Canadians decide what and where to study and how to cover the costs of their education in Canada or abroad.

Canadian Virtual University
The Canadian universities listed & linked here are leaders in offering courses for distance education. Courses can be completed anywhere in Canada or beyond.

International Directories

American Universities
Links are provided here to the home pages of most American universities, as well as to various international universities.

This web site boasts the world's "largest online directory of e-learning courses" from 130 countries, offered by universities, colleges and companies.


Canada Student Loans
Find out all about the Canada Student Loans Program - to provide loans and grants for post-secondary education. Links are provided to the National Student Loans Service Centre, a "Student Loan Estimator" and a "Loan Repayment Calculator".

OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program)
Loans, grants. bursaries, and scholarships may be available to you through OSAP.

The Debt-free Grad
This resource provides savvy financial info on finding and obtaining student financial assistance, with links to scholarship web sites, and an online budgeting calculator. It's by Murray Baker, who wrote a book called "The Debt-free Grad".

Student Awards.com
This is a free financial help resource for over 50,000 Canada-wide scholarships, bursaries, grants, fellowships and other financial awards. Note: Although it is free, users must complete an online registration questionnaire.

Scholarships Canada.com
Here's another Canada-wide financial help resource for post-secondary students!

Career Planning

Job Futures
A reference tool for education & career planning.


National Educational Association of Disabled Students
This web site offers support and sources of financial help for disabled students in their pursuit of post-secondary education.


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