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Reading Tips for Kids

For School-Aged Children

  • Don't make reading a chore even if your child needs practice in reading.
  • Show genuine interest in the stories your child discovers.
  • Appreciate all books your child selects, even the ones that look too easy.
  • Read to your child. They still enjoy hearing good stories.
  • Read yourself! There is nothing like a good role model.
  • Visit the library.

For Preschool Children

When you read aloud to your children...

  • they learn to listen;
  • they learn new words;
  • their imagination grows;
  • they discover new worlds.

Helpful Hints

  • Let your child read the story by turning the pages and reciting parts from memory.
  • Read books your child has chosen.
  • Talk together about the stories.
  • Have fun while reading.
  • Be enthusiastic!

Library Activities

  • Bring your child to the library for book related programs.
  • Take out books to read at home.
  • Make your own books using old magazines.
  • Try CD/book sets.
  • Ask a librarian for reading suggestions.
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