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Reading Resources

Online Databases - High Quality!

NoveList Plus
A fiction database providing subject heading access, reviews, annotations, and much more for over 135,000 fiction titles. It also includes other content of interest to young fiction readers, such as Author Read-Alikes, Book Talks, Grab and Go Book Lists arranged by grade level, and book discussion guides.

Novelist Select

Even more powerful then Novelist Plus, is Novelist Select. The same data found on Novelist Plus is embedded directly into our online catalog.

How does it work?

  1. Search for your favourite author or title.
  2. In the record, click on the bottom tab called "Reading Recommendations, reviews & more.
  3. In this section it will show you the series order (if it is part of a series), as well as titles you might like if you like this title, or more generally which authors you might like if you like a particular author. It will even tell you why this title appeals to readers.
  4. When you see the suggestions made you can also see at the same time if we have that particular title and whether it is available or not.

General Resources

Resources for Book Clubs

If you can't find the book you are looking for in our collection, try searching Ontario libraries for specific titles and subjects. Make note of the title, and author and submit your request to our interlibrary loan department.

The site's search engine sorts and displays several thousand reviews by requested plot, character types, structure, prevailing themes, and other attributes. The grist for this reader's advisory mill is provided by volunteer reviewers (called "scholars" as soon as they write ANYTHING about an author). Book searches are divided by genres: science fiction/fantasy, mystery/thriller, literature, romance, biography, and history, and search results include a list of titles with similar features.

BookBrowser Reading Lists
BookBrowser offers fiction reading lists (arranged by topic), series and sequels, forthcoming titles, author information, award winners, and an index of online reviews.

A Reading List for Fans of Oprah’s Book Club
Browse through Oprah's favorite books and hear why they're her favorites.

Site offers browsing and search access to sales catalogs including more than three million titles of books, audio books, music, CD-ROMS, videos, and computer games. Catalogs are searchable by author, title, subject keyword, and other criteria.

A searchable sales catalogue of books, music, movies, dvd's, cd's, videos, and software.

Specific Genres

New York Times Bestseller Lists
Bestseller lists organized by Genre.

Historical Fiction
An ever growing list of Historical fiction books and related news.

Crime Writers of Canada
The Crime Writers of Canada is a national organization for Canadian crime writers, associated professionals, and anyone else with a serious interest in Canadian crime writing. Its mission is to promote Canadian crime writing and to raise the profile of Canadian crime writers from coast to coast.

Genres: Fantasy, SF, and anything in between
The number one Science Fiction and Fantasy website

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