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How do I get a library card?

To get a membership card, you need to provide proof of identification and current home address. Proof of home address is a current Driver's Licence. If unable to provide a Driver's Licence, we will accept other identification (e.g. birth certificate or a health card) AND something which confirms the current address (e.g. recent bill or personalized cheque). HOSPITAL CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Children under 16 must have their card signed by a parent or guardian.

**Online registration for library cards is currently not available.

After a period of two years, proof of name and current address must again be presented for the card to be renewed, at no charge, for another two-year period. Cards that are lost or damaged can be replaced at a charge of $5.00.


Do I have to pay to get a library card?

It's free if you live, or pay property taxes or go to school in Brockville. If you are a non-resident, the fees are as follows:


Non-residents may take out a subscription for membership. They must complete the regular registration card, giving home address and telephone number. Proof of address is required, and cards will be issued for 1 year with regular borrowing privileges. The current yearly fee for non residents is $40.00 for a family January 1 to December 31 and $20.00 July 1 to December 31. All non-resident memberships expire on December 31st of each year.

Visitor's Card/Temporary Residents

Visitors to Brockville may take out a six month membership by completing a registration card. The current fee is $20.00 and is non-refundable. Proof of address and identification are required. Temporary residents must provide us with a home address, proof of address and proof of personal identity.

What do I do if my name, address or telephone number changes?

Please remember to notify the Library in the event of a change of address. A resident member who ceases to qualify as a resident must pay a non-resident fee, and provide proof of current address and identification. A non-resident member who becomes a resident is eligible for a free library card, upon present proof of identification and address. No portion of the non-resident fee is refundable.

What do I do if my card goes missing?

If your card is lost or stolen, contact the library as soon as possible at 613.342.3936 and let us know. You are responsible for materials borrowed with your card, or your child's card, until it is reported missing. The charge for replacing lost or stolen cards is $5.00.


How long can I borrow library materials for?

  • Books: 3 Weeks (High-demand materials such as bestsellers will be on a shorter loan period of one week)
  • Magazines: 3 weeks
  • Compact Disks: 3 weeks
  • New Entertainment DVD's: 2 days
  • Older DVD's ; Blu-Ray ; TV series ; Junior movies: 7 days
  • Video games: 10 days

Are there any limits to the number of items I can borrow?

Adult & Young Adult Department Children's Department
  • Fiction : unlimited
  • Non-Fiction : unlimited
  • Music CD's : unlimited
  • Talking-Books on CD : unlimited
  • Magazines : unlimited
  • New DVD's : 4 per card
  • Blu-Ray/Older DVD's : 10 item limit combined
    (from blu-ray, older adult, tv series and family collections)
  • Fiction : unlimited
  • Non-Fiction : 2 books per curriculum bases subjects
  • Magazines : unlimited
  • Music CD's : unlimited
  • Talking-Books on CD : unlimited
  • DVD's : 10 DVD limit combined
    (from older adult, tv series and family collections)



How can I place holds on library materials?

You can place a hold on a circulating item by using our Online Catalogue, by phone or in person. If you place a hold on an item that was out, we will notify you by phone or e-mail when the item is available for pickup. We will hold the item for you for five days. If you place an item on hold that is on the shelf, it will be available for pickup the following day.

How can I return my materials?

Please return all materials in the book slot at the circulation desk as you enter the library, unless you require an item renewal or have a fine to pay.

When the Library is CLOSED, all borrowed materials (with the exception of book club sets) can be returned in the book depository, located on the George Street side of the building.

Please do not put items in the Book Depository when it is full! You are responsible for all items signed out to you.

How do I renew items?

Material may be renewed for two additional loan periods, unless a hold has been placed on the item.

Materials may be renewed in the following ways:

  • Through our Online Catalogue, click on "My Account"
  • Over the phone
  • In the Library, using the Online Catalogue, or ask staff for assistance.

What happens if I return something late?

    Adult Department Children's Department
    • Books, Compact Discs, Talking Books: $0. 25 a day per book, maximum $10.00 charge per item
    • Magazines: $0.25 a day per magazine
    • Book Club Sets: $2.00 a day
    • New DVDs/Video Games: $2.00 a day per video/DVD, maximum $10.00 charge per video
    • Blu-Ray/Older DVDs: $1.00 a day per Video/DVD, maximum $10.00 charge per video
    • MAXIMUM FINES per card on all items: $50.00, with the exception of videos and/or DVD's and collection agency accounts
    • Books, Compact Discs, Talking Books and Audio Cassettes: $0.25 a day per book, maximum $10.00 charge per item
    • Magazines: $0.25 a day per magazine
    • Family Movies: $1.00 a day per video/DVD, maximum charge $10.00 per video
    • MAXIMUM FINES per card on all items: $50.00, with the exception of videos and/or DVD's and collection agency accounts

A receipt will be issued for any fines paid by cheque and for fines of $10.00 or more. The fines may be increased when an account has been sent to the collection agency. A period of at least one month from the overdue notice is allowed to elapse before a notice is sent to the collection agency stating the amount overdue.

It follows from the above if a patron does not comply with all the rules and does not pay the fines owing to the Brockville Public Library, that the Chief Librarian has the right to cancel the membership of that patron.


How to I access my Library Account?

To access your library record through the Online Catalogue, you will need:

  • Your 14-digit Brockville Library card number
  • Your PIN#, which can be obtained in person, at the Library


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